Infinite i

    Migrate your AS400 applications to Windows, Unix or Linux


    Infinite is the global leader on IBM AS400 Application Migrations, and has performed thousands of successful AS/400 migrations. Infinite has developed and launched many successful products and service packages AS/400-based designed to migrate applications written in RPG and COBOL.



    Migrate System/36 Applications to Windows, Unix or Linux


    Infinite36 is the only alternative to a rewrite available on the market today. It is the least expensive, lowest risk way to migrate IBM System/36 (AS/400) RPG and COBOL applications to Windows, Linux or UNIX.


    Infinite Cloud

    Create beautiful graphical screens (GUI) from IBM i / AS400 green screens dynamically.


    Infinite cloud uses a sophisticated recognition engine to read System I green screens and dynamically render them in point and click graphical screens. Give your AS400 or System 36 application the look and feel of a 21st Century application we’ve come to expect today!

AS400 Migrations

Infinite migrates RPG and COBOL applications written for the IBM System/36 and IBM I (AS/400) environment. Infinite migrates data to Oracle and MS SQL from System/36 flat file data structures or IBM iDB (DB2/400).

System36 Migrations

Infinite36 is a suite of compilers, utilities and operating system services that allow applications (developed under RPG or COBOL for the System/36 environment) to be migrated at the source code level, recompiled and executed on the target platform.


Infinite migrates legacy green screens to graphical point and click functionality. Once the screens are rendered graphically, they are deployed to the web and can consume Eclipse plug-ins or other Java-based API’s.

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