The Future of IBM I is AWS

What is it?

Baby i is a suite of compilers, utilities and operating system services that allow applications programs (developed under RPG for the AS/400 environment and database) to be migrated at the source code level, recompiled and executed on AWS.

The compilers represent very sophisticated technology, but they aren’t the most important piece of the Baby i puzzle. The Infinite Deployment Environment allows the recompiled object code to be deployed natively under AWS). The Infinite Deployment Environment executes the code as it would on the AS/400 platform, even the database.

Baby i includes a complete replication of the AS/400 database (DB2/400). This allows the applications to execute as they did on their original platform without having to rewrite large portions of the code.

A better alternative than IBM I (AS/400) on Power

AWS is the solution of choice for AS/400 clients who want to protect their investment in their applications. The benefits are immediate- financially, operationally and strategically.

We provide the easiest to use, fastest to deploy and most cost effective method of migrating and modernizing AS/400 applications to AWS. Baby i provides the ability to reduce the number of platforms to be supported while protecting the investment in the legacy code as well as the current support and development staff.

Baby i generates truly native multi-platform solutions and will enable software developers to migrate their RPG/400 applications in far less time than redeveloping.

The migration risk is very low because the existing resource remains unaltered, current skills can maintain and support the application, the application code runs in a replicated environment-this change will cause a minimum level of disruption in the day-to-day operation of the business.

Comprehensive Solution

AWS is the lower cost, yet highly scalable architecture.

Baby i is a comprehensive solution that adds significant new capabilities to the applications. Once migrated, the applications run on standard provisions of AWS Virtual MachinesThis capability provides the ability to run on lower cost, yet highly scalable architecture.

Database Independence

Rapid migration, low risk and a fast return on investment.

Baby i easily migrates and executes DB2/400 data in AWS without having to license the database from IBM. The cost savings using the Infinite database is dramatic.

Infinite is the only method of embracing Open Systems that offers rapid migration, low risk and a fast return on investment.