Infinite Diversity

People from different backgrounds bring a new and fresh approach to problem solving. At Infinite we celebrate the differences.

How Infinite Benefits from Diversity

Infinite knows that the more creative our people are, the more innovative our technology is. We do things other companies don’t. When we look at solving problems we want to do things differently.

Our view of people from different and varying backgrounds means their perspective will be unique and may very well add a new view to an existing problem. Often, we find those differences create amazing things. Things we never would have considered before.

We want our clients to achieve more from the applications we migrate or modernize than they ever could have before. We want to have our teams of very diverse people imagine, plan, and execute things in ways preciously unimaginable.

We believe that our innovation is a direct result of our diverse teams.

Employee Inclusion in a new world of global business

Infinite has traveled a windy path since it began in 1975. As Infinite continues to innovate and its people evolve, the company is uniquely positioned to respond to challenges in ways so much better than in years gone by. Infinite has developed a set of core values that now drive its decisions and processes. These values provide a foundation to meet new challenges in ways that had once been unthinkable. We handle things head-on and stay on the problem until it is solved.

Infinite has responded to areas of the world where women continue to struggle for a safe and harassment free work environment. We have also responded to areas of our society where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people lack legal recognition and feel unsafe. We have been vocal and have responded in places where People with Disabilities lack equal access to employment opportunities due to nonexistent accessibility standards or direct discrimination.

Supporting our existing diversity constituencies

In 1999, Infinite commissioned its Executive Task Force to address the eight areas of concern — Asian, Black, Hispanic, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT), Men, Native American, People with Disabilities, and Women. The task forces were asked to look at Infinite through the lens of their group and answer these questions:

  • What is required for your group to feel welcomed and valued at Infinite?
  • What can Infinite, in partnership with your group, do to maximize your productivity?
  • What courses of action can Infinite take to influence the buying decisions of your group?
  • Which external organizations that address the interests of your constituency should Infinite have a relationship with?

The result of this work was the implementation of the Infinite Diversity Council, and the answers to these questions continue to serve as a guide to our diversity structure and priorities. The council helped and continue to ensure that Infinite attracts, retains, and develops the best talent from their respective constituencies and creates an inclusive environment enabling people to be authentically themselves; and one in which candid cross-constituency dialogue and relationships are the norm.

From there, we established the Diversity Network, defined as volunteer employee groups that come together with the goal of enhancing Infinite’s success through meeting, teaming, networking, mentoring, and coaching. They have also been instrumental in enhancing recruitment and welcoming new people to Infinite.

And finally, Infinite established relationships with external local and global organizations to expand our Diversity agenda.

Recruiting — how we attract and recruit diverse talent

While our commitment to diversity in the past 35 years remains constant, how we execute against that commitment has enabled us to become — and remain — a leading globally integrated enterprise. For more than 35 years, we’ve viewed the diversity of cultures, people, thoughts and ideas as an imperative to successfully delivering innovative, superior technologies to the marketplace.

This next generation of diversity moves beyond hiring practices and protection for our employees. It encompasses how those disparate pieces fit together to create an innovative, integrated whole through inclusion. What that means to Infinite as a company is that while our differences shape who we are as individuals, our shared corporate culture and company values remain central to our mutual success. We work around the world work in an environment where diversity — including diversity of thought — is the norm. This in turn, yields a commitment to creating client innovation in every part of our business. Our diversity is reflective of the global marketplace and is integral to our corporate character.

To attract a pool of outstanding candidates, Infinite has strategic partnerships in diversity recruiting programs such as:

  • Entry Point
  • Hero 2 Hired
  • National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME)
  • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Women in Technology International (WITI).

In the U.S., the Infinite Diversity Project offers candidates a unique opportunity for Infinite career opportunities. Participation is by invitation only to candidates who demonstrate potential leadership qualities or eminence in their field. Programs are open to students receiving undergraduate or graduate degrees. Infinite’s Virtual Recruiting Sessions are open to all candidates, including Women, People with Disabilities, and Under-represented Minorities. Virtual Sessions are conducted through Infinite’s Cloud-based Web meeting platform and feature out-standing minority team members speaking about their experiences and career paths.

Leadership in work/life flexibility

The global business environment is a competitive one. If Infinite is to maintain its leadership position as one of the world’s top globally integrated enterprises, it is imperative to create an environment that offers employees not only financial security but also autonomy, meaningful work, and the opportunity for development and advancement. Additionally, flexibility must be a cornerstone of our employment value proposition —Infinite people need time to cultivate personal interests and integrate the demands of the job with the demands of their personal lives.

To address both employee and business needs, Infinite has developed six flexibility principles. These are the core global flexibility principles, which can be adapted to a country as needed based on legislation, local custom, and other factors.

Our diversity is reflective of the global marketplace and is integral to our corporate character.

Simply put, it’s what we do together that sets us apart

Infinite’s Six Flexibility Principles

1. The Enterprise does not stop: In a globally integrated enterprise, the enterprise never stops working. Somewhere in the world, Infinite team members are working on solutions for our clients.

2. Balancing of Needs: Infinite is committed to providing its employees the greatest degree of flexibility while balancing the needs of our clients, our business, team effectiveness and the individual Infinite employee.

3. Trust & Personal Responsibility: Consistent with our core value of “trust and personal responsibility in all relationships,” Infinite expects managers and employees to make decisions, including those about flexibility options, consistent with this value and to demonstrate personal responsibility to ensure business commitments are met.

4. Range of Options: Flexible work options are a vehicle for Infinite to meet the needs of our global clients and can be employee or management initiated and approved based upon the needs of the business, clients or individuals.

5. Understanding Differences: Infinite team members must consider the needs of our global stakeholders — clients, customers, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate. Each of us must take responsibility to explore, understand and reflect differences in culture, customs, time of day, holidays, language, business requirements, the personal needs of stakeholders and the impact of our decisions on business dealings.

6. Focus on Results: Infinite people must focus on results, setting goals and measuring performance with an eye toward providing an outstanding experience for Infinite clients and employees.


Supplier Diversity

Infinite recognizes that a diverse supplier base is integral to company profitability and strategic objectives — solidifying the connection between customer satisfaction and winning in the marketplace. Infinite’s supplier diversity program expands purchasing opportunities for businesses owned and operated by Underrepresented Minorities, Women, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), Veterans and Service-Disabled Veterans, and People with Disabilities. Purchasing opportunities are also expanded for our non-profit organizations that hire disabled.

By building and maintaining a community of diverse suppliers, Infinite increases its opportunities to hear new ideas, apply different approaches, and gain access to additional solutions that respond to customer needs. Such collaboration helps Infinite deliver innovation, quality products, and world-class service to a growing global marketplace.

Market Development

The Market Development team increases Infinite’s mind share and market share with businesses owned by Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Women in North America. We show these business owners how to accelerate the growth of their businesses by marrying their technology and business strategies and leveraging Infinite’s technology and services to provide innovative solutions to their marketplace.

Infinite Market Development also markets to businesses owned, led, and influenced by Women, in select countries globally. The influence of our Women initiatives can be seen in many countries including Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Singapore.

Diversity partnerships

By placing great emphasis on the role of technology as a tool, Infinite is able to address societal issues and demonstrate our reputation as a solutions provider. We are proud to partner with many organizations both local and global to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to all constituencies.

Cultural Adaptability and Intelligence

Every Infinite Team Member is considered a Global Infinite Team Member. That means each employee must be able to seamlessly collaborate and enable the business to share resources across borders and business units. Leading and working in multicultural teams to solve complex client problems has become the norm as Infinite people do business around the world. Infinite sponsors an annual Cultural Intelligence Awareness Week to help increase the cultural intelligence of the entire organization — from the most senior executive to the most recently hired Infinite Team Member.

As we approach decisions and negotiations regarding expanding Infinite operations around the world, where our values are not held in the same regard, it is critical that our client teams and business leaders have appropriate dialog with those who don’t know “us” or understand how we conduct ourselves in the world of business and a global community.

Infinite will not be deterred by different cultures or beliefs but will share who we are as a company so that we can conduct business within any country that is in concert with our global corporate values and employment policies.

Infinite’s philosophy

Infinite‘s enduring commitment to diversity is one of the reasons we can credibly say that Infinite is a leading integrated enterprise. We also understand that diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. It also includes a focus on how those disparate pieces fit together to create an innovative, integrated whole. We call this approach “inclusion.”

While our differences shape who we are as individuals, our shared corporate culture and values remain central to our mutual success. Infinite people around the world work in an environment where diversity — including diversity of thought — is the norm, which yields a commitment to creating client innovation in every part of our business.